Jennifer came to me through

Jennifer came to me through messenger about a picture I had posted asking if she could look deeper into the picture.This picture was one that I took before I was going to be traveling quite a distance.I was having problems with my truck and I was praying to get to my destination safely.After I got to where I was going I got another message from Jennifer asking if certain names had meaning to me and she was able to describe the two men she was referring to.This was my daughters Father whom was my Soulmate and my Father.She offered to do a reading for me.She gave me information and answered questions that I have had for over thirty years.She told me things that only my loved ones and my immediate family would know.My Grandfather came through as well,this was someone I was very close with as a child and had lost not too long ago.So much information came through.I had so many questions and have felt so much pain for so long .She Set Me Freeā€¦Jennifer is truly a phenomenal and amazing woman.I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a true reading. Shelia Jackson